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Exhibition Time 2014-12-30
Exhibition TimeThe following information is for reference only. The 117th Canton Fair information will be available soon.Preparation TimeProjectPhase 1Phase 3Stand Setting-upOct10-12,2014 8:30-17:30Oct 28, 2014 10:00-24:00Oct29, 2014 8:30-16:00Move-In Exhibits of Stan...
Industrial Motor Control: Phase Failure Relays 2014-07-28
List hazards of phase failure and phase reversal.If two of the lines supplying power to a three-phase motor are reversed, it will cause the motor to reverse the direction of rotation. This can be a serious problem with some types of equipment. Unintended reversal of d...
the 117th Canton Fair 2014-07-21
Exhibits(International Pavilion)Phase 1Electronics & Household Electrical AppliancesConsumer ElectronicsAudio-video Products: Home Theaters, VCD,DVD,CD,LD,Microphones, Karaoke Equipment, TV, Set-top Boxes, Video Recorders, Tape Recorders, Re-readers, Radios, M...
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